First Cohort Startups


AI-Powered platform tailored to align with school curriculums, offering personalized and consistent daily learning. This convenient solution ensures quality education while being easily accessible for both students and their parents.

Agile Loop

AI-powered platform, Large Action Models, That allows businesses to seamlessly automate any time-intensive, multi-software processes through human language instruction.


AI-powered platform that provides a remote patient monitoring system and a biometric wearable sensors that track vital signs.


AI-powered platform that personalizes menus streamlines online ordering, and captures customer data and analyzes it. Driving increased revenue and reduced operational costs

Neo Locus

AI-powered platform that helps users easily visualize furniture in their room with just a photo.


AI-powered drones that ensures year-round inventory scans, maintaining continuous operations. Our cloud-based platform offers real-time inventory insights, enhancing decision-making, operational efficiency and workplace safety.


AI-powered product that allows quick document on-boarding and easy Arabic document analysis.


AI-powered meeting summarization and task organization, streamlining workflows for enhanced productivity and efficient communication. while keeping in mind the security aspect for the government to make the tool secure and run in premises.


AI-powered assistant tool that improves children's focus and skills using a gamified approach through an AI handwriting engine (including OCR and OCR for digital ink).

Medical WORX

AI-powered platform that Specializes in optimizing operating theaters for productivity, offering flexible multi-device integration, recording, and automated report generation. focusing on transforming hospitals into smart hospitals.


Voice-driven AI platform that authentically mimics human conversations and adeptly tackle and resolve the diverse array of tasks customers seek assistance with.


AI-powered call analysis that enhances user experience and customer satisfaction by transcribing, summarizing, and flagging relevant calls for quality review and opportunities to improve.


AI-Powered platform that provides a one-stop-shop, leveraging the power of Generative AI, to help customers with personalized and efficient solutions to their travel and life queries.

Legal Researcher

AI-powered platform that utilizes Text Generation technology to offer quick and user-friendly access to up-to-date legal information from reliable sources.

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