Third Cohort Startups

Alma Learning

AI-powered solution offers cost-effective, hyper-personalized learning, benefiting diverse student needs, while saving faculty time and resources.

AI-enhanced Education, utilizing embeddings and ChatGPT-powered chat functionalities to break down complex content, offering interactive and personalized assistance for more effective educational content delivery.


AI-powered solution that transforms ideas into software creations through its proprietary programming language, intuitive visual IDE, and advanced AI ecosystem.


AI-powered platform where users can transform ideas into business using custom AI agents.


AI-Mentor that simplifies change management with specialized AI-Assistants, easing transitions and providing analytics

Get Outfit

Generative AI-powered fashion recommendation platform, simplifying the way people shop using AI.

Thakaa Med

AI dental solution, immediate analysis of dental images, identifying potential issues and suggesting possible treatment options. 


AI-powered platform that automate website optimizations, powered by Neural Networks. it runs your A/B tests, and improve conversion on autopilots.


No-code Generative AI platform that empowers non-technical Creators to generate interactive 3D experiences easily, quickly, and affordably.

PowerPlay Infinity

Building a network of interconnected Esports venues to host and broadcast more frequent, decentralized tournaments, revolutionizing the Esports landscape.

BIte Technologies

A social AI-powered marketplace for consumers to purchase better “for-you” food products


AI-powered language-bending tech to analyze characters, predicts plots, and whips up ideas in real-time, fueling creativity that launch you to content creation stardom.


AI's watchful eye in construction, scanning sites, detecting flaws, and ensuring plan accuracy


AI-powered platform that assesses AI models against principles of responsible AI, explainability, environmental impact, and LLM hallucination prediction. It helps companies make informed decisions, and regulators license ethically sound AI


Al-driven inventory and recipe management combined with a next-gen dashboard and reporting assistant


AI-powered tool that generates culturally accurate, high-quality images with incredible ease, ideal for creative professionals


AI-powered solution for traffic issues, enabling smart traffic lights through surveillance cameras to address the challenges of high costs and inefficient traffic management, crucial for urban planning and law enforcement.


AI-Powered solution that merges AI & ML tech to enhance the software development cycle’s efficiency.  Also, automate all relevant documentation such as BRDs, SRSs, User stories, and UX; Powered by business logic via advanced natural language input.


AI-powered solution for industrial safety field, combining real-time monitoring, data analysis, and actionable recommendations, effectively fitting into the ESS subsegment within the broader IT sector.


Streamlining brand engagement, AI engine for complete customer relationship management.

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