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Across four continents and nineteen countries, this 10-week program cultivates the potential within generative AI startups, enriching their progress with state-of-the-art AI techs and top level expansive AI, business, and technical mentorship.


Monica Hedberg

Program and Project Director at Uppsala Innovation Centre, Sweden's highest ranked incubator, Ms. Hedberg led the Swedish space incubator and enabled startups internationalization across Europe for five years.

Omar Z. Aridi 

XGUARD's founder and CEO,  over 10 years in Strategy and Management Consulting, skilled in organizational strategies and governance (greenfield and brownfield), digital portfolio development, partnerships, and commercial model design.

Ghaith Alghamdi

An investment associate at Aramco Ventures, Saudi Aramco's VC arm, with $3B AUM investing in sustainability, digital innovation, and disruptive tech. Ghaith has a chemical engineering degree from UT Austin, and is a CFA III candidate.


Agile Loop

The challenge

Businesses aim to enhance task efficiency and leverage new tech for productivity and innovation,  and to  stay competitive in a fast-evolving market

The solution

AI-powered platform, Large Action Models, That allows businesses to seamlessly automate any time-intensive, multi-software processes through human language instruction.




The challenge

Addressing a gap in post-operative patient care, where patients enter a high risk of infection period for 30 to 90 days after being discharged. This leads to higher readmission rates, longer hospital stays, and increased treatment costs.

The solution

AI-powered platform that provides a remote patient monitoring system and a biometric wearable sensors that track vital signs.


Al yakob

Neo Locus

The challenge

Buying furniture online is difficult and time-consuming. It is challenging to find the perfect furniture item that fits your aesthetic, style, budget, and room.

The solution

AI-powered platform that helps users easily visualize furniture in their room with just a photo.



Jan-Felix De

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Pawel Czech
New native Founder
Team organizer and serial venture builder.  €160M in Venture value created Venture building and financial modeling.
Simon Olson
New native FOUNDER
Active advisory for Singularity University's Global Solution Program, Founder Institute, Masschallenge. Techstars and affiliate investor at Y-combinator.
Anas Agag
new native
Managing Partner
Entrepreneur in 3 continents, managed over 250,000 community backed startups