Second Cohort Startups


AI-Powered platform that utilizes advanced AI computer vision for sports analytics, offering real-time game and player performance insights.

Misbah AI

AI -Powered platform that revolutionizes the car repair and maintenance experience. We provide car owners with hassle-free solutions and expert guidance, making car care convenient and transparent.


AI-powered automated & optimized rooftop PV system design. Aims to be the one-stop shop to accelerate the world’s transition to renewable energy.


Al-powered mental health app that offers an integrated psychometric tracking, unique sentiment adjustment and human connectivity for precision medicine and hyper-personalized wide-scale accessible care.


AI-powered application that empowers people with disabilities to communicate, aiding them in gaining employment and engaging more fully in life and love.


AI-powered operational solutions to address real-world business challenges, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

AI-powered cloud-based product for editing multimedia content and fostering a collaborative community for creators in the creative industry. 


AI-Powered platform that track Vehicle using AI and behavioral analysis algorithms for real-time malfunction reports. AI helps troubleshoot and repair malfunctions, improving fleet performance and qualifying for insurance discounts

AI-powered tool that Automate pre-sales and post-interaction analytics with AI, enhancing conversion rates and reducing response times.


AI-powered platform for businesses to access pre-trained AI employees, aiming to reduce operational costs and streamline the hiring process.


AI-powered platform thats reinventing email communication with AI technology that converts text to audio, enhancing user productivity.

Nozol Wallet

AI-powered solution streamlining residential leasing, ensuring seamless tenant payments and safeguarding lessor rights with prompt payment processing.


AI-powered platform that advances technology in language processing, with a focus on natural language understanding and processing solutions.


AI-powered platform creating digital intelligent agents with human-like conversational abilities to transform customer interaction and management


AI-powered platform that specializes in decision-making and data automation, simplifying complex processes for businesses.

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