Feb 15, 2024

GAIA's Second Cohort’s Demo Day: A Showcase of Diverse AI Innovation

Recently held at the Garage, KACST, GAIA’s second cohort Demo Day not only highlighted the vibrancy of the AI sector but also showcased the tremendous capabilities of 15 dynamic startups from across the globe.

Each startup demonstrated profound advancements in their respective fields, employing AI to tackle some of today's most pressing challenges.

Here’s a closer look at how these great applications are making a significant impact within each sector:

Sports Tech: Leveraging AI-powered computer vision to provide real-time analytics on player performances and game dynamics, enhancing sports strategy and training.

Clean Tech: Optimizing renewable energy systems with AI, improving the efficiency of energy capture and utilization, driving sustainable energy solutions.

Sales Tech: AI automation aims to boost conversion rates and streamline sales processes, enhancing efficiency and customer interaction in fast-paced markets.

Advertisement Tech: Creating digital agents with human-like conversational abilities, changing how businesses interact with customers, and setting new standards in engagement.

Communication Tech: By converting text to audio with AI, with a goal to revolutionize email communication, this technology enables professionals to manage their inboxes more effectively.

among many others!

GAIA’s second Demo Day fostered a rich environment for dialogue, collaboration, and innovation. As these startups concluded their presentations, the transformative potential of AI was evident, not just in revolutionizing industries but also in crafting solutions that promise a more efficient and sustainable future.

This cohort has certainly set a high bar, reflecting GAIA's ongoing commitment to nurturing the brightest minds in AI.

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