April 25, 2024

GAIA's 3rd Demo Day at LEAP24 : Highlighting Achievements of Accelerated Cohorts

The tech community in Riyadh was filled with excitement at the GAIA Accelerator third Demo Day, hosted at LEAP24. The GAIA cohorts continue to arrive at a rapid pace, with the second cohort happening in February 2024 and the third following just one months later!

GAIA recently celebrated another milestone with the Demo Day for the third cohort. The event, held at LEAP24, was a vivid display of the creative spirit and technological expertise that defines the current era of AI startups.

This third cohort featured 18 dynamic startups, each presenting fresh and impactful solutions across a wide range of industries. From improving healthcare diagnostics to refining customer service, and enhancing business and enterprise technology, the applications of AI showcased were as diverse as they were impressive.

The day was filled with energetic pitches from the founders, who shared not just their products but their visions for how these technologies could reshape industries. The atmosphere was charged with excitement, as each presentation provided a glimpse into the potential future impacts of generative AI.

A Meeting Point for Technology & Future Visions

The event served as a crucial networking hub beyond just presentations. Entrepreneurs mingled with investors, industry experts, and representatives from major companies, exploring potential collaborations and funding opportunities. It's also worth noting that GAIA is part of a broader vision. At the same LEAP24 tech conference, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced a $1 billion USD support initiative for the generative AI ecosystem. This ambitious investment aims to position the country as a global leader in artificial intelligence, with a significant portion of this fund supporting the GAIA program

Stay updated for further developments on GAIA’s initiatives and its significant role in advancing the technological landscape!

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