August 12, 2023
GAIA - New Native's Game-Changing Generative AI Accelerator: Launching A New Era of Startups in MENA Region

GAIA launches as an initiative aimed at converting unique AI solutions into ready to market AI products. From New Native's drive to advance AI, the Generative AI Accelerator program empowered by SDAIA (Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority) and NTDP (National Technology Development Program). This initiative aims to significantly improve the AI landscape in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond. 

At the core of this journey are various startups, playing a pivotal role in the arena of generative AI. GAIA provides these start-ups with the resources to convert their innovative ideas into practical solutions.

GAIA welcomes 15 start-ups locally and globally into this program. These companies are set to develop their technological products and broaden their market penetration. Our investment in these startups represents our dedication to promoting AI technology as a harbinger of global advancement.

This groundbreaking initiative, brought to life by NewNative, strengthens the Kingdom's illustrious vision to lead AI innovation in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region. The collaboration between GAIA, under the umbrella of NewNative, SDAIA, and NTDP, underscores a collective commitment to accelerating entrepreneurs’ growth in the dynamic world of AI. 

The Generative AI accelerator programme stands as the first of its kind in the region, bringing the Kingdom’s efforts to the forefront of AI advancement.

Join us on this thrilling journey to explore new horizons of AI-empowered solutions. As NewNative leads the charge in technological transformation, GAIA becomes more than a platform—it represents the future of digital evolution. Embark on our mission to power the AI revolution and be part of this exhilarating new chapter in technological progress. 

With GAIA and New Native, we are scripting the future of AI today!

GAIA Is A Trademark Owned By by Next Grid Information Technology Co 2024